The War Against Batman is set in its own universe during an all-out war against Batman. Pick a side or die!
Batman has struck terror into the very being of the Criminals of Gotham for a few years now. Yet it never seems enough. There is always more crime. More criminals to stop. They just try to be craftier in hopes of not meeting up with the Urban Legend. Still beneath this determination of a fear...and a release. With the creation of the Batman a new breed of Criminal has formed to face the Bat and leave their mark on Gotham City. Among them is a new face. A new player in the game of Gotham. One whose arrival brings war down on Batman and everyone he holds dear.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Amara Darko Members 22-January 18 0
Amit Heroes 10-July 17 4
Blair Wayne BI Recruits 24-December 16 11
Bruce Wayne Batman Incorporated 15-July 16 39
Caitlin Snow Inactive 11-August 16 27
Chris UACP Only 7-September 17 8
Crypt Malone Batman Incorporated 12-October 16 44
Everwilde Members 22-January 18 0
Floyd Lawton Villains 16-September 17 1
Harley Quinn Villains 19-October 16 12
Isadorabelle Admin 11-March 17 10
Jade Shadowblood Heroes 27-September 17 5
Jason Todd Outlaws 9-August 16 130
Joker's Bloody Crowbar Admin 13-May 15 228
Kelly Kane Heroes 2-March 17 37
Lark Members 20-November 17 0
Leonard Snart Villains 11-August 16 27
Nora Fries Civilians 14-March 17 8
Poison Ivy Members 24-October 17 3
Reaper Villains 17-November 16 17
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Candyland Couture Shadowplay


Skin Designed by Isadorabelle for War Against The Batman.
Mini Profile by Amanda of Caution
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