The War Against Batman is set in its own universe during an all-out war against Batman. Pick a side or die!
Batman has struck terror into the very being of the Criminals of Gotham for a few years now. Yet it never seems enough. There is always more crime. More criminals to stop. They just try to be craftier in hopes of not meeting up with the Urban Legend. Still beneath this determination of a fear...and a release. With the creation of the Batman a new breed of Criminal has formed to face the Bat and leave their mark on Gotham City. Among them is a new face. A new player in the game of Gotham. One whose arrival brings war down on Batman and everyone he holds dear.
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Want a certain character for yours? Maybe a relative, friend, arch-nemesis maybe? Post it here.
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By: Leonard Snart
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Apply here.
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Approved characters.
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Want to plot with other people? Have a certain plot you want to do? Plotters can be found here.
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You want to thread? Yes! We need to start plotting! -Two days later- *Cries* I can't remember all my threads!

For those like me who have horrid memories. We now have a thread tracker forum.

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No New Posts The Batcave
A place where the heroes can RP in safety.
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No New Posts Belle Reve
Belle Reve Penitentiary. CIA Black site, Meta human and Super villain Prison, base of operations for Task Force X.
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No New Posts Site wide Storyline Threads
Every so often we'll have a site wide event. When that happens you can find those threads here.
1 22 Nov 7 2017, 02:44 PM
In: New Beginnings(Tag Batman I...
By: Jason Todd
No New Posts The Iceberg Lounge
A place for villains to act with impunity.
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No New Posts Alternate Universe
The place to go when you have an idea for a thread that wont fit in with the games story.

I'm seeing Gotham in the Zombie Apocalypse in the near future.

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No New Posts Time Warp
For threads that take place in the past. Once we move onto a new month any back posts will be moved here.
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No New Posts Gotham City
Don't know where your thread would go? Post it here.
3 12 Oct 30 2017, 08:20 PM
In: Dressed for Trouble
By: Simona Capaldi
No New Posts Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary
When someone is found guilty of the crime that lead them to their arrest there are two places in Gotham city they can go to. Those who are deemed Criminally insane go to Arkham while the rest end up in Blackgate.
Subforums: Arkham Asylum, Blackgate Penitentiary

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No New Posts Downtown
Some of the place you will find on Gotham's downtown island are the World Financial Center, Statue of Justice, Wall Street, William Street, South Gotham Courthouse, Gotham Hospital, Gotham City Hall, the Clocktower, Cathedral Square, and the Gotham City Centers. The Major Commercial District, Gotham Square, the Grand Avenue main theatre district, and the largest park in Gotham City, Robinson Park are also located here.
Subforums: China Town, Robinson Park, Gotham Square and Grand Avenue

2 17 Oct 30 2017, 04:57 PM
In: Gym Membership Justified
By: Rose Mattingly
No New Posts Gotham Heights
In this area you'll find large Mansions with plenty of land to keep their owners business private. Wayne Manor is located here.
Subforums: Wayne Manor

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No New Posts Gotham City P.D.
Any threads inside a Police Station go here.
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No New Posts Midtown
Midtown is home to Gotham Tower, Wayne Tower, Wayne Enterprises, Gotham Pier, among the other big businesses that make up the city, and numerous neighborhoods.
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No New Posts The Narrows
The Narrows is an area of the city that is dangerous and dilapidated that is located on an island in the middle of Gotham River. The only access to it is the draw bridges, tunnel, or boat. It's a Poverty level area with many run down and abandoned buildings. Arkham Asylum, Crime Alley, East End Free Clinic, The Bowery, and Park Row Theatre are among the locations you will find here.
Subforums: The Bowery

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No New Posts Uptown
Burnley is home to Gotham University, Gotham Mercy General Hospital, Gotham Natural Science Museum, Old Gotham Sub-Way, Giordano Botanical Gardens, Burnley Freight Yards, Gotham Arms Apartments, The Gotham Tap Room, Club 539, Riverfront Shopping Center, and the Docks are among the locations that call Uptown home.

Amusement Mile and Knightsdome Sporting Complex are also located here.

2 29 Dec 4 2017, 07:06 PM
In: Rooftop Interrogation(Tag A...
By: Amara Darko
No New Posts Outside Gotham
For threads that take place outside of Gotham City
1 5 Oct 23 2017, 09:46 AM
In: Saying Goodbye to an Outlaw...
By: Thea Queen
No New Posts Residences
Not sure which forum your characters home would be in? Post them here. This counts any type of housing from apartments, to houses, to condos, to just wherever your character may currently be slumming.

Wayne Manor has a sub-forum in the Gotham Heights forum and anyone that lives in the Narrows posts their homes there.

4 23 Dec 6 2017, 10:46 PM
In: Meeting the Rogues
By: Leonard Snart

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No New Posts Advertisement Board
Affiliates and other RP ads are are posted here in accordance with the rules we set up.
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By: Line
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Talk OOC here.
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