The War Against Batman is set in its own universe during an all-out war against Batman. Pick a side or die!
Batman has struck terror into the very being of the Criminals of Gotham for a few years now. Yet it never seems enough. There is always more crime. More criminals to stop. They just try to be craftier in hopes of not meeting up with the Urban Legend. Still beneath this determination of a fear...and a release. With the creation of the Batman a new breed of Criminal has formed to face the Bat and leave their mark on Gotham City. Among them is a new face. A new player in the game of Gotham. One whose arrival brings war down on Batman and everyone he holds dear.
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May 6 2017, 01:04 PM
The game has recently grown, but as a Batman game and not a Superman game some character caps are needed to keep us street level.

The following aliens are already in the game:
Martian Manhunter (On Hold)
Criut (OC. Taken)
Starfire (Open with a drop in Power level)
Zod (Taken with a drop in Power level)

We are only allowing one more alien in the game. Cosmic powers are not allowed so any canon Alien of that power level will need their powers lowered.

Any Characters with Powers
This counts for anyone with powers. We are currently NOT accepting anymore heroes with powers. Powered Villains are fine.
Mar 14 2017, 06:58 PM

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Job: C-Box Admin

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Job: IC Mod.
Criut Meww
Nov 28 2016, 04:58 PM
This will start up in January. I'm just setting it up now cause I'm trying to wake myself up. I don't do Activity Checks that people need to respond to. Instead I just keep track of whose posted for the month. The first post you do for your character gets them moved to the posted list.

Alonzo Duarte
Amara Darko
Antonio Diego
Brennan Simpson
Brianna Simpson
Caitlin Snow
Christopher Chance
Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon
Crypt Malone
Detective Richard Grayson
Harley Quinn
Iris West
Jack Kennedy - Gone for Illness, Family Illness
Jasmine Powers
Jason Todd
Jonah Hex
Leonard Snart
Pamela Isley
Ra's Al Ghul
Serenity Cavanaugh
Terry McGinnes
Thea Queen
Zatanna Zatara

Stephanie Brown
Flynn Holmwood
Zhett Medine
Damian Powers
Blair Wayne
Chloe Sullivan
Sutton Avery Morgan
Nov 2 2016, 03:36 PM
This is a Batman game and there have been a lot of people who have wanted their characters to join the Bat Family. We also have several that aren't traditionally Bat Family in this game, but could easily fit on a team. Being that we are a Batman game and not a Justice League one I decided "Hey, maybe we should get Batman Incorporated a try?"

Batman Incorporated will become a World Wide organization that is funded by Wayne Enterprises. It is publicly known, but at least most of the members identities will remain a secret. The only catch is that anyone who joins up cannot kill anyone. There are ways around that however. In this game Jason has two identities. One as Batman who doesn't kill and one as Red Hood who of course does among other criminal activities that really just show how desperate Alfred is for a Batman. Its the Batman persona that is a member of Batman Incorporated and not the Red Hood one. In the Comics it was the same thing. For Batman Incorporated Jason went by Wingman. Horrid horrid code name. I think it was Batman's revenge for all those years of Red Hood being a pain in his ass. So if you don't want your character to give up being a murderous Anti-Hero, but want them to be part of BI give them a second identity. If you don't want to do that, but still want them part of a vigilante team PM me about the Outlaws.

Now that Batman/Bruce is dead Alfred runs the Bat Team and both him and Fox run Wayne Enterprises so they will be in charge of Batman Incorporated. Alfred more in secret of course. To have your character join BI there are two ways. One is to be recruited by one of the current Bat Family. That would be Jason, Barbara, Terry, Selina, Cassandra, Elouise, and Gabriel. The second way is to be hired by Fox. There will be a new member group for these characters who want to join BI that aren't members yet.

As members of BI those who want their identities kept secret will have them kept secret. They will be paid for their work and will have an arsenal of mostly non lethal weapons at their disposal.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on the C-Box, PM, or IM me. My IMs are AIM: PhantomWatcher1 and Skype: Battletare.

If any current members want their characters to be part of this please let me know so we can get that started for you.
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