The War Against Batman is set in its own universe during an all-out war against Batman. Pick a side or die!
Batman has struck terror into the very being of the Criminals of Gotham for a few years now. Yet it never seems enough. There is always more crime. More criminals to stop. They just try to be craftier in hopes of not meeting up with the Urban Legend. Still beneath this determination of a fear...and a release. With the creation of the Batman a new breed of Criminal has formed to face the Bat and leave their mark on Gotham City. Among them is a new face. A new player in the game of Gotham. One whose arrival brings war down on Batman and everyone he holds dear.
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May 12 2017, 03:39 PM
OOC: For anyone who wants their character to join Batman Incorporated their characters received cryptic notes that would have lead them to the location in this thread. It doesn't matter what their current member group is. You are allowed to change it. IC:

The sun was only just setting when Jason dressed in full Batman costume entered the building. The first floor was a mess of construction materials being used to fix what was obviously a dilapidated building. The building itself was stable and would have remained standing for another fifty years without intervention as long as nothing damaged it beyond what was already done. The materials laying around were all new showing that the building was going to have a new use. Much of it was still being repaired. The elevator had an out of order sign on it making it not an option to get where he needed to go. The building was tall and his destination was the top floor. There were other ways he could go, but for this he chose to use the stairs.

Even in all the armor the teenager had no problem climbing all those stairs. The top floor was a bit more finished than the others were. It was bare and still needed some finishing. No one could tell what the former clock tower would eventually become.

The large clock face allowed the dying light to shine down into the large room making it where there was no place for anyone to hide. After sweeping the room upon entering he knew he was alone. Alfred, Fox, Barbara, nor those invited with crypt notes had yet to arrive.

Walking up to the platform at the base of the clock the young Batman went to the corner where the clock glass met one of the walls and leaned back against the wall. He crossed his arms and waited for the rest to begin to show.

Lucius Fox
Barbara Gordon
Criut if she is joining yet.
Blair Wayne
@Anyone else who wants their characters to join.
Mar 18 2017, 01:52 PM
Being so young most people didn't understand why Roy had left instructions of what to do upon his death. Most people only knew him as the loyal friend and violent boy who grew up in a broken home among many others in the same position in the Glades. Some of those people got to see the man he was growing to become. Some of them hadn't seen him in years and still thought of him as the same kid they knew that barely attended school. Possibly only two at this loud and violent party knew the full truth behind everything. That Roy left instructions cause he was secretly a vigilante who never knew when a mission could be his last. At least one of them knew Roy was also a mechanical genius who was just as likely to accidentally blow himself up making a new weapon. For some reason that side had even remained hidden from Oliver Queen. It was a side Jason had saw hidden under the truckers hat that Roy had to wear all the time on his road trip where the two met a little over a year ago.

Music thumped loud, the place was becoming completely trashed which had been part of the instructions Roy left. He had wanted people to have a party in his house instead of mourning his death. The house was going to be abandoned and probably condemned anyways. Jason stood leaning back against the wall with a bottle of beer in hand. He looked casual making people not really know what his emotions were at the moment. From the pictures Roy put of the normal aspects of his road trip up on facebook people knew Jason was his best friend. Outside of those pictures no one knew anything about him. A few people had talked to him when he arrived, but it had been clear he wasn't really interested in taring up Roy's house no matter what the instructions had said.

Mar 13 2017, 04:49 PM
We are currently looking for Recruits for Batman Incorporated. BI isn't Bat Family exclusive, but characters that fall under the Murderous Anti-Hero category wouldn't work since BI will be working along side the Police like Batman does so they can't kill anyone.

Now that Batman/Bruce is dead Alfred runs the Bat Team and both him and Fox run Wayne Enterprises so they will be in charge of Batman Incorporated. Alfred more in secret of course. To have your character join BI there are two ways. One is to be recruited by one of the current Bat Family. That would be Jason or Barbara. The second way is to be hired by Fox.

Current Members
Jason Todd / Batman
Barbara Gordon / Batgirl

Current Recruits
Blair Wayne
Jan 15 2017, 01:00 AM
When Alfred got through the security gate it wasn't hard for him not to fail to notice the lack of Police presence once again around the ruins of Wayne Manor. The normal police car was gone and if the older man wasn't in close contact with the Police Department's Commissioner he would think it was time to call in private security to watch over things. As it were Jim would call him well ahead of time before that happened. The lack of presence was due to something else. Or should he say someone else? He didn't know how the vigilante(crime lord?) did it. None of the those assigned to watch the crime scene had shown up dead. Once Jason was gone they returned.

Alfred drove around to the garage, reaching up to hit the automatic door opened before he was close to it. The garage still had power and the door opened effortlessly becoming fully open just before Alfred's car slowly drove through. The door slid close behind him, but the door opening had activated the lights to give him full view of the large garage and all its contents. As long as he or the car were moving they would stay on. In the light he could see his son's predecessor leaning on a Harley that was not part of Bruce's collection. The arms covered in the teen's brown leather jacket were crossed yet relaxed. Alfred wasn't fooled. He knew the young man would spring into action the second he needed to. After parking the car in its usual place Alfred made his way over to where the young man still stood. "Morning, Jason. Did you think about what Mas...Bruce asked you to do?"

The soft smirk that formed from the teen's lips reminded Alfred of times past when the boy had just been a street kid that was a friend of Bruce's. Back before he knew who Batman was and before knowing Batman had gotten him killed. Here just the two of them he did appear relaxed, much like his age instead of the boy who had to grow up too fast into a killer. "If you mean dress up like a flying rodent at night," The teen spoke with light amusement, "you don't need to worry about it. I'll do it."

Alfred wasn't sure how he felt about that. He was proud of the boy for taking that step, but part of him wondered if this was just a play? Jason had returned to Gotham as a villain. He was damn sure there was more to what he was doing that just what he had done in Gotham. He had his contacts working on checking on some leads, but he already knew there would be more to the story that Bruce would have wanted to know. There was also a part of him that felt grief at the news of the boy willing to be Batman. He wanted that costume retired. Destroyed for good. Not taking the life of someone else he was once close to. "Very good." He faked it. This was something that needed to be done despite his personal feelings on the matter. None of them were going to stop what they were doing and maybe bringing them altogether could also heal Jason. Turn him into the man Bruce thought he could be. "In that case Mr. Fox and I would like to speak with you on an urgent matter. Since you are here would now be a good time?"

"I'm meeting someone." A quick glance down at his watch told Jason it was almost three. He would be needing to leave soon to meet Terry in the woods around the manor. If they younger teen even showed up. "Terry."

Terry? The name rang no bells in the old former Butler's mind. Ra's was the name of Jason's girlfriend and they were pretty public so he wouldn't be sneaking around to see who, so who was this Terry person. Was he using the Wayne grounds to meet some of his contacts. If that was the case Alfred was going to have to put a stop to that now. Jason may be Batman now, but that didn't mean he could bloody do what he wanted. "Terry? Who the blo..." It hit him. The conversation all those years ago. What he had to do to insure what had seemed right for everyone at the time. Bruce's short term girlfriend in High School. She had a baby, but neither him or Bruce had learned much about it beyond that it was a boy and its name started with a T. He had tried finding out more of the years and hadn't been able to. Had Bruce found them? "Terry. Bruce's son? You found him?"

"He lives in Gotham with his Mom and brother. He heard what Bruce said and wants to join." Jason uncrossed his arms and stood up straight as he got ready to leave. The kid could park anywhere in the woods so he had to be ready for him. "I just thought I should give you some warning before I just show up in the cave with the kid."

Alfred turned away from the teen and slowly took a few steps towards the hidden stairs that would take him down to an elevator. This was too much. In a short time he had lost his son, regained a Grandson he thought was dead, and another he thought he would never know. Now both were on the same path that got their Father killed. It seemed like an endless cycle. How many others in their family would follow it? The man had managed to keep his grief inside only showing it in a bit of a stumble. Within seconds he felt a hands on his arm steadying him followed by the teenager asking in a worried voice, "Are you okay?"

"You are all pigheaded and foolish. You should be chasing skirts and pretending to go to college. Not shooting people and trying to control the underworld." There was no venom behind his words. A bit of anger, but not at the boy or any of them really. His anger and his memories flashed back to what started this all. The murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. If they had lived it was possible none of this would have happened. They all could have lived as safe of lives as someone could in this world. They could have been happy. His thoughts were interrupted by a laugh behind him and the teenager letting go of his arm.

"Can't deny it. Things are the way they are."

"They shouldn't be. All it would take..." There was a familiar presence behind him now. One he felt many times over the years. It had happened silently without effecting anything around it. If Alfred wasn't used to it he probably would have kept talking to the young man. Jason was gone, slipping into the shadows and disappearing to go to wherever he was meeting Terry. The same way Bruce would have.

Jan 7 2017, 08:03 PM
OOC: This takes place just after the Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Red Viper, Joker, and Riddler escaped Arkham. IC:

Giving them the means to escape had been Jason's job, but it was Harley who was given the task to make sure they made it out. Things hadn't gone according to plan once it all went underway. Red Hood had completed the job by taking the Joker and Riddler with him and the others, but once clear he had kicked both out of the helicopter into the Gotham Harbor. Their purpose was now fulfilled. The next time he came across either of them they wouldn't be walking away. He kept the unconscious Harley with him and the other inmate. She was the Joker's girl, but there was no telling if he would have pulled her out of the water or not. She was also the Riddler's type when it came to his victims. Best keep her with him for now. Once she was awake she could go find the Joker.

The Helicopter flew back over the Narrows and the chaos that was reigning down on the streets below. Buildings were on fire and inmates were taring through the streets in an attempt to escape. Looking out they could see that a few cop cars had arrived to help clean up the mess and from the chatter on the radio more were coming. This was probably the first time some of the Gotham City Police Force had stepped foot in the Narrows. Coming to a building that had yet been vandalized that had a big enough roof for the helicopter to land it did. Red Hood climbed out before reaching in and pulling the unconscious woman back into his arms. Turning he carried her a safe distance away before laying her down on the roof. Knelling down next to her the masked man opened a small first aid kit on his belt and pulled out a small pack of smelling salts. After closing back up the kit he opened the packaged and placed it under her nose. "Come on, Harley. You don't want to miss the finale."

Harley Quinn Daniel Morgan
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