The War Against Batman is set in its own universe during an all-out war against Batman. Pick a side or die!
Batman has struck terror into the very being of the Criminals of Gotham for a few years now. Yet it never seems enough. There is always more crime. More criminals to stop. They just try to be craftier in hopes of not meeting up with the Urban Legend. Still beneath this determination of a fear...and a release. With the creation of the Batman a new breed of Criminal has formed to face the Bat and leave their mark on Gotham City. Among them is a new face. A new player in the game of Gotham. One whose arrival brings war down on Batman and everyone he holds dear.
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Sep 24 2017, 01:37 PM
Hey there!
So, instead of having separate plotters I decided on this! Check out my ladies (and I use that term loosely for one of 'em) and see who you might want to cause some trouble with.

Simona Capaldi/Masquerade

Can you say c-r-a-z-y? Engineered to have a split personality, her eggs were scrambled at a young age and ever since there's Simona and then there's Masquerade. Simona is pretty quiet these days- that is to say, you rarely see her sane side. Most of the time Masquerade is captain of this ship and she'll do as she damn well pleases. Usually this means she'll sleep with whoever she wants, steal from whoever she wants, and kill whoever she wants. To be fair though, usually she only hurts and kills people she deems as bad.

Nora Fries

The little lady that warms Mr. Freeze's cold heart is this one right here: Nora Fries. A talented dancer, Nora met Victor way back when and fell in love with him as quickly as he did her. When she got sick, though, Victor did everything he could to save her (which considering that he's a genius, that's a lot) until finally he put her in cryo-stasis until he could fix her. There Nora stayed, frozen in a sleep for years, until something malfunctioned with her unit and she woke up in GCPD storage. Now in cahoots with Captain Cold and his crew, all this sickly ice queen wants is her king.

Rose Mattingly

All roses have thorns, but ladies with the name Rose are just awkward and accident prone! Divorced and childless, Rose has a sweet disposition and tends to be self conscious of her body. It's not her figure so much as her skin- it bares marks of a chronic illness that has sent her to the hospital numerous times. Still, she makes the best of things and is generally a kind person that gives other people waaay too many breaks before turning her back on them. She's not really looking for romance, but she's not not looking for romance. She's just kind of floating along, taking photography clients as she can and eating ramen noodles when she can't!

Mar 14 2017, 12:14 AM I love the Fries'. It's the sweetest romance ever and I just love them. I love playing Noraand I'd love to see Victor taken!

I even did this:

Personally I love Joseph Gatt as Victor, but you can pick someone else if you like (just...please not the guy from Gotham). Also, NO ARNOLD. No. Just no. I will have Nora rip his heart out and eat if you do that.

A bit about me:
I'm a 3 - 3 - 3 and veteran rper, and I don't use doHTML in my replies. If you do, please be sure that the font is big enough for my bad eyes.

Anywho, thanks in advance! Lookin' forward to seein' a Victor.
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