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Jason is human without any powers and he has all the abilities that he had as Robin from the comics. He is an extremely fast learner and has had training in several fighting styles, weapons, and has had access to study several subjects that he normally wouldn't have had access to at his age.

Jason is human with all the human weaknesses.

Jason has all the skills he had as Robin in the comics.

Jason Todd spent his early years surviving in the Narrows of Gotham City. There were times when things weren't as noisy when from his apartment only a few blocks away he could hear the cries from the patients at Arkham. Many night he laid awake listening to this and any screams that happened to be happening in the world outside. The Narrows was full of crime. The Police didn't care. Most never ventured into the area for longer than a quick drive through. It was crime that took both of Jason's parents away from him in just a matter of a week.

After his Dad's arrest, and murder in prison, and his Mom's death from overdosing Jason lived on the streets doing what he had to do to survive. It wasn't an easy life or one for those who weren't morally challenged. He may not have liked some of what he had to do, but the kid didn't lose sleep over it. When it began to get colder out he spent some time at the local youth center ignoring the 'helpful' lectures from the volunteers, but there was one guy there that wasn't all that annoying. Typical rich guy trying to feel better about himself by helping street kids. Or so it seemed. Jason never asked, but he figured Bruce was really just there working off community service hours for a DUI or getting caught screwing in public with some one night stand. Bruce was cooler than the other volunteers. He didn't act bored nor did he try to shove after school special moments down your throat. What he did was listen and teach the young teen how to really fight in hopes of trying to focus his anger.

It was around this time when Jason met Batman while trying to steal the tires from the batmobile that the teenager found parked in Crime Alley. Instead of turning him in Batman brought the teenager something to eat and after talking to him he dropped him off at a group home.

Instead of taking off the teenager figured he'd give it a shot. Things seemed okay for a few weeks until Jason found out the home was really just a front for a teenage fighting ring. Kids would go missing all the time and since they were just street kids no one who could help them listened. Because of Bruce's training Jason did well in the fights, but it was hard to hide the bruises. Bruce took notice of them and soon after Batman broke up the fighting ring. Bruce took Jason in after this, but it wasn't until a few months later that Jason got confirmation that Bruce and Batman were one in the same.

It has been almost three years since Jason was adopted by Bruce and almost two years since he became Robin.

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